Q: I'm a little nervous about having my son's birthday some place other than at my house, can you give me any guidance?

A: We understand it is an important day in your child's life, we do everything we can to make it extra-special. Our party coordinator can go over all the details of our parties with you, and answer any questions you may have. Michele, our party coordinator, has helped plan parties for many seasons.

Q: My granddaughter is gluten intolerant, can I bring in a special meal for her?

A: Our party coordinator can give you some ideas of other options we can provide for your granddaughter. If you prefer, you are more than welcome to bring in a meal for her. We do not allow other food or beverage in the party area, but we understand if a child has a special dietary requirement or allergy. 

Q: Do you provide decorative plates and napkins?

A: We understand each child likes a different theme to their party. All of your basic paper goods are included: napkins, utensils, pizza plates, cake plates, and cups. We do ask that you bring in candles. Some of our guests bring in themed paper products to match their cake, while others, use all of our paper goods.

Q: Can I bring in a pinata to the park?

A: For the safety of your child and others, we do not allow pinatas. Our amusement rides provide more than enough entertainment for the kids in your life.

Q: I would like to have a costumed character at my child's party, is that possible?

A: We have found that a lot of children are afraid of costumed characters. It is our policy, for the satisfaction of all of our guests, that no costumed characters are allowed into the park. We have numerous rides and an arcade to entertain your little ones.

Q: I do not give my children any soda, what other options do you offer?

A: We have apple juice, water, and milk.

Q: I know the playland is an outdoor amusement park, what happens in the event of rain or extreme heat?

A: Great question! The weather doesn't always cooperate with us, however, we do provide rain dates in the event of bad weather. Most of our rain dates are booked Mon-Fri based on availability, but we understand some families can only attend a party on the weekends, in that case, if we have openings, we will do our best to reschedule your party!

Q: I read on your website that the parties are 12:30, 2:30, 4:30 and 6:30, can my child's party be on a Monday night at 5pm?

A: Yes! We understand the busy schedule of your family and friends, we can provide you with a different time for your party as long as its Monday-Thursday. Our parties are in high demand on the weekends so we must keep our scheduled times.

Q: Is there an admission charge to enter the playland?

A: Our policy is very simple: we never charge an admission price to enter the playland. Every child or adult going on a ride must have a ride ticket. This is for the safety of you and your family, it also allows our ride operators the necessary count of people on a ride.


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