Visit our arcade filled with nostalgic skee roll alleys, many age appropriate redemption games, video games, foosball and air hockey.

Gift Shop

Be sure to visit our Gift Shop. It is chock full of affordable toys that may bring back childhood memories of moms, dads and grandparents. We also carry Hoffman's Playland t-shirts and frisbees as a souvenir. If you forgot your sunblock, cameras, batteries, NOT TO WORRY, we carry that too!! For the balloon lovers, we offer a wide selection of Mylar Character Balloons.

Major Rides

  1.  Tilt A Whirl
  2.   Big Ferris Wheel
  3.  Paratrooper
  4.  Scrambler Ride
  5.  Scooter Cars

Kiddie Rides

  1.  Baby Ferris Wheel
  2.  Iron Horse Train
  3.  Roller Coaster
  4.  4x4 Trucks
  5.  Umbrella Ride
  6.  Merry Go Round
  7.  Helicopter Ride
  8.  Boat Ride
  9.  Skyfighter Ride
  10.  Jolly Caterpillar
  11.  Rock, Spin & Roll
  12.  Balloon Flight
  13.  Red Baron